Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps


Modern companies understand the ever-growing importance of new technological opportunities of interaction between clients, buyers and partners.

Users become more particular about the quality of mobile applications, usability and flexibility of integration with other applications.

The 4by4 company is armed with all relevant resources and expertise to render mobile application development services to its clients, taking into account latest technological requirement and trends.

Our mobile application development options include the following:

  • Mobile app conceptualization
  • Interface design and prototyping
  • Mobile apps integration with third-party systems and applications
  • Mobile apps commissioning  and distribution
  • Registration in specialized stores (Phone App Store, Android Market, Samsung App Store, etc.)
  • Technical Support

Possible field of app implementation:

  • Interaction with company clients
  • Mobile version of a corporation website
  • Promo videos, promo applications dedicated to company, its services and products
  • Ads on mobile apps
  • Games


  • iOS: Objective-C, Swift
  • Android: Java, XML
  • WindowsPhone: C#, HTML5, JavaScrpt, WPF
  • Cross-platforms: Titanium, Ionic
Our specialists will render all reasonable assistance if you need help in mobile app development.

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