Bot-Trek Cyber Intelligence

Bot-Trek Cyber Intelligence


Bot-Trek Cyber Intelligence is a platform that is used by cyber security professionals worldwide to strengthen their defense against cyber attacks. 

Bot-Trek Cyber Intelligence is a SaaS solution, no installation within client’s perimeter is required. The client gets access to the cyber intelligence data via a secure web interface or through the API format STIX/TAXI. Confidential data are available only to the companies they belong to.

Key features

  • SaaS solution – no installation is required
  • Possible integration with antifraud systems and IDS/IPS/SIEM
  • Individual notifications about targeted attacks
  • Confidentiality 
  • 24/7 support

How it works

Bot-Trek automated systems and cyber intelligence team members are involved in the following activities to discover valuable cyber intelligence data:

  • Tracing hackers, spying programs, various kinds of attacks and bot-nets
  • Collecting data about new threats, attack techniques, leaks of confidential information in hacker circles and closed groups
  • Participating in investigations and collect data about criminal groups and their methods
  • Carrying out criminal investigations about incidents which have already occurred and predicting future potential targets
  • Analysing harmful programs, identifying the origin of their dissemination, and advising the methods to locate them
  • Exchanging information with information security companies, experts, and law enforcement agencies

Data sources for Bot-Trek Cyber Intelligence team

  • Botnets
  • Investigations
  • Sandboxes
  • Deep Web
  • SPAM traps
  • CERT
  • Malware
  • Social networks
  • Forensic


The platform provides the following cyber intelligence data to its clients:

  • Analytics and Trends (quarterly digests, statistical data, forecasting of threats)
  • Discredited data (logins/passwords, IMEI / IMSI, credit cards data, files: SMS, screen images, logs)
  • Threats (hacking tools, tactics, data leakage, hiring of insiders)
  • Daily Attacks (DDoS, deface, phishing, malvertising)
  • Hacktivists and Cyberterrorists (operations, groups, interrelations, experience, tools)
  • Targeted attacks (tactics, tools, indicators)
  • Suspicious IP Addresses (TOR nodes, open proxy, private SOCKS proxy, compromised servers)
Bot-Trek CI is recommended for financial, insurance, retail and other enterprises with critical infrastructure and sensitive data to be protected from cybercriminals.


Why Bot-Trek by Group-IB?

Group-IB is a global company that specializes on prevention and investigation of high-tech cyber crime and fraud. Bot-Trek products are developed by Group-IB cyber intelligence team located in Russia.

«Having its base in Eastern Europe offers Group-IB the advantage of getting visibility on many threats originating from this region, and its local presence offers the ability to better infiltrate the many threat actors based in this region. Involved in the most high-profile investigations allows Group-IB to get more information about cybercriminals, their relationships, and other intelligence.»*
*Gartner report: "Competitive Landscape: Threat Intelligence Services, Worldwide, 2015"

Possible further engagement steps

  • 30 min online demo about the product at the most convenient for you time
  • FREE product trial to see how the product can fit your cyber defense policies. No obligation, no interference with your infrastructure, just an access to the system.
  • references from our existing clients in Western and Eastern Europe
4by4 is an authorized distributor of Bot-Trek CI by Group-IB in the US and EMEIA. Contact us now to be several steps ahead of cybercriminals!


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