Information Security

Information Security


4by4 Information technology is an official partner of Group-IB, a global company that specializes in prevention and investigation of high-tech cyber crime and fraud.

The company offers a range of services on the prevention of financial and reputation damages, on consulting and auditing of information security systems, and on computer forensics. The company also develops some innovative software products used to monitor, detect and prevent emerging cyber threats.

Group-IB is a representative vendor in Market Guide for Security Threat Intelligence Services by Gartner (2014).

"Eastern Europe is generally recognized as a key point of origin of threat and fraud activities. As a Moscow-headquartered company, Group-IB arguably has a market advantage with regard to developing insight into these communities. It focuses mostly, albeit not solely, on electronic fraud and brand issues. It has established a solid base of clients, mostly in Europe, with a focus on financial services."

4by4 Information Technologies is an authorised reseller of the following information security software packages by Group-IB:


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