Desktop development

Desktop development


4by4 Information Technologies creates custom-developed applications addressing particular and unique business requirements of our customers. 

Custom desktop applications allow business to solve its unique and distinct business tasks that cannot be resolved by buying a ready-to-go solutions. Complex business logic, connectivity among different parts of a system – these and many other tasks can be addressed by custom desktop application development.

These applications can be used by a single person or be designed for usage by multiple users over the Intranet. Integration with other software apps like web applications is also a standard approach to building of an efficient system.


  • Languages: Java, Java Swing, Hibernate .NET 
  • Frameworks: C#, WPF, WinForm, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, NHibernate
  • Database servers:  PostgreSQL,MSSQLServer, OracleSQL, MongoDB
Our team of professional programmers, business analytics, interface designers and quality assurance specialists is dedicated to excellence in creating desktop applications. Please contact us now for a free quote for your desktop app.



Subject:Desktop development

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