Online bidding system for an Energy Enterprise

ARMZ Service is a subsidiary of ARMZ Uranium Holding and handles the continuity of the production cycle of the Holding Company’s uranium mining enterprises.

The client set the task to develop a web application that would serve as a web-portal for suppliers of services to the Holding companies. The primary function would be organizing a bidding process for the vendors. Bidding was to use several different algorithms (reverse auctions, contests, quotes), and its procedure was supposed to meet strict regulations and standards.

Our experts conducted a thorough analysis of the regulatory framework and used it to develop preliminary specifications with the most detailed descriptions of all forms, algorithms and functional requirements for the system being developed.

DRUPAL was chosen as a technical solution because it allows rapid deploying the system kernel and achieving the required functionality by creating new custom modules. The work included the interface development (prototyping and design), the definition of user roles, programming, installation and configuration of the system.

The project was rather complicated taking into account a very short development time (about four months) and strict requirements to comply with formal tendering regulations. Our developers passed this test successfully. The developed system meets the customer's requirements in full.


Technical support

Our team provides full technical support for this system. We update the system kernel regularly, install all the latest patches. As the project evolves, new functionality is added according to the client's request. Server-side issues are covered by our network administrators as well. The full package of technical support services ensures high performance and stability of the system.



Subject:Online bidding system for an Energy Enterprise

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