Dealers support and Training Control system for Mazda

Mazda needed a web hub that would allow to share valuable information with their dealer network, as well as to monitor some KPIs connected with the Mazda Dealer Training System. 

We approached the project starting from the careful examination of the business requirements. We conducted a series of interviews with client's management team, where we discussed all the necessary outcome of the future system.

Taking into consideration very specific business processes to be automated, it had become apparent that no out of the box software package will solve the task. We suggested building fully custom system consisting of two elaborate applications – a desktop application and a web application.

Desktop application

The desktop application manages data stored in local intranet database. Using its interface, the client regularly makes changes to the data. The application has built-in synchronization module that synchronizes the local database with the database in the web application.

Web application

The web application, first of all, serves as a convenient interface for the data that must be accessible to the technical staff of the dealership network. Its database regularly synchronizes with the one stored on the intranet. This procedure makes sure that staff gets up-to-date information. The application is also used to monitor training and learning processes in the dealerships network. Responsible parties in dealerships enter their data into the online forms. The app processes the data into meaningful analytics, used by the Head office to access some KPIs (key performance indicators) for dealerships.

Technical support

Our team provides the full package of technical support for this project after its completion. We maintain the health of the applications code, provide consulting to the customer regarding the system usage, add new functionality as requested, assist with hosting and server maintenance. Regular works on performance testing, bug fixing, code auditing and code optimization help to maintain a highly efficient system. 


  • Improved routines of information exchange with the dealer network
  • Provided the top management with the ability to control important key performance indicators for dealers
  • Over 60 dealerships connected to the hub

Subject:Dealers support and Training Control system for Mazda

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