Custom project management system for an Oil and Gas Enterprise


SvyazTransNeft is a single network integrator and communications service provider for the oil pipeline industry. The company’s activities include centralized project management.

The existing approach to project management lacked efficiency and did not meet modern project management system standards.

4by4 faced a challenge to improve the efficiency of business processes related to project management through the development and implementation of a custom project management system focused on the specific requirements of the customer.

We worked on the project in close cooperation with the management of the client, especially in the early stages of the system design. We took into account all the nuances of established business processes, technological limitations and the requirements of security policy.

As a result of careful work, 4by4 developed a customized project management system based on DRUPAL/PHP/MySQL/CSS technologies.

The system is located on the intranet and is protected from external access. The development of the system included a range of works such as business analysis, prototyping, user interface design, definition system users roles, programming, installation, and system configuration in the client’s workspace.

This solution is specifically characterized by a high degree of customization and development in strict accordance with existing business processes. For example, we implemented cash flow management with a breakdown of the steps and sub-steps of projects, with the calculation of projected balances, late fees and penalties, agency fees, etc. “Out of the box” solutions cannot offer the same level of integration with the customer's business processes as the one achieved by this solution.

The new system significantly improved client's project management processes. The company's top management can monitor the implementation of internal projects through a convenient and informative interface now. Deadline monitoring for various stages of ongoing projects was improved while downtime due to delayed decision-making was reduced.

Both the management and frontline employees of the company have acknowledged positive results of work. The modular architecture of the system allows increasing its functionality as needed.


Technical support

After the completion of the project, we continued to maintain and support the developed system. We provide support for the system users when they have questions about using it. Our team keeps healthy and up-to-date programming code. We apply all the new patches and updates released for the system core. Any bugs discovered during the system usage are promptly fixed. We also provide support for all server related questions to make sure that the whole system functions correctly.  


Subject:Custom project management system for an Oil and Gas Enterprise

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