We are proud of our work. Our clients are happy to work with our powerful team. Please read about some of the brightest moments in our work! This is only a fraction of what we have done. Contact us to request more information about other projects – there are over a hundred!

Dealers support and Training Control system for Mazda

Mazda needed a web hub that would allow to share valuable information with their dealer network, as well as to monitor some KPIs connected with the Mazda Dealer Training System. 

Online bidding system for an Energy Enterprise

ARMZ Service (the client) set the task to develop a web application that would serve as a web-portal for suppliers of services to the Holding companies. The primary function would be organizing a bidding process for the vendors. Bidding was to use several different algorithms (reverse auctions, contests, quotes), and its procedure was supposed to meet strict regulations and standards.

Custom project management system for an Oil and Gas Enterprise

Our specialists developed a custom project management system closely integrated with the client's business processes.



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