4by4 is a global company that provides a broad range of information technology services and products.  

Our principal areas of expertise are:


  • IT security
  • IT consulting and IT auditing
  • Software and IT equipment supply
  • Engineering systems (IT infrastructure)
  • Software development (web, mobile, desktop apps, SAP)
  • Website technical support
  • IT outsourcing


We launched our company in 2008, and we have shown fast and steady growth of our business since then. At this moment, we have over 30 employees in our company and about 80 high-quality specialists in our outsource teams.

We have worked with many top-list international clients, and we are proud to provide the highest level of IT services.

The biggest value that we give our customers comes from paying closest attention to discovering the actual business needs that lie under any project. We are focused on finding the right approach and the right set of tools and technologies to be used before your project even starts.

The long-term business relationship is our priority, and you can count on that while working with us.  

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